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Real Sociedad defender Diego Llorente left the team after a transfer. The local media "Guipuzcoa" in the province where Real Sociedad is located stated that Diego Llorente has never really integrated into Real Sociedad, and the team has not even negotiated a contract extension with him once.

皇家社会的后卫迭戈·洛伦特(Diego Llorente)在转会后离开了球队。 Real Sociedad所在省份的当地媒体“ Guipuzcoa”表示,Diego Llorente从未真正融入Real Sociedad,该团队甚至从未与他谈判续约。

Diego Llorente went to Leeds United in England. Real Sociedad can get a transfer fee of 20 million euros from him, but need to give 4 million points to Real Madrid. Due to the impact of the epidemic, it is not easy to sell players this summer, but Chairman Joaquin Aperibe managed to sell the 27-year-old Spain international.

迭戈·洛伦特(Diego Llorente)去了英格兰的利兹联。皇家社会可以从他那里获得2000万欧元的转会费,亚搏娱乐入口但需要为皇家马德里提供400万积分。由于这一流行病的影响,今年夏天要出售球员并不容易,但董事长华金·阿佩里贝(Joaquin Aperibe)设法出售了这位27岁的西班牙国脚。

In the game against Real Madrid, we can smell the possible departure of Diego Llorente. Alguacil had not long before the start of the second half to warm up Sanian and Pacheco, but he did not let Diego Llorente, who should be the main center back, warm up. The club indicated that this was due to physical reasons, but in fact Roberto Olabe was already negotiating with Leeds United Sports Director Victor Horta at the time. Real Sociedad’s transfers are always secret and quick, just as they had announced the arrival of David Silva before they knew it.

在与皇家马德里的比赛中,我们可以嗅到迭戈·洛伦特的可能离开。下半场开始前不久,阿尔瓜西尔(Alguacil)就为萨尼安(Sanian)和帕切科(Pacheco)热身,但他并没有让应该成为主要中锋的迭戈·洛伦特(Diego Llorente)热身。俱乐部表示这是由于身体原因,但实际上Roberto Olabe当时已经在与利兹联体育总监Victor Horta进行谈判。 Real Sociedad的转账始终是秘密而又迅速的,就像他们在不知道大卫·席尔瓦(David Silva)的到来时宣布的那样。

Diego Llorente's Royal Sociedad career can be described as driving high and low.

迭戈·洛伦特(Diego Llorente)在Royal Sociedad的职业生涯可谓举步维艰。

He was the first signing in the summer of the 17/18 season. He started his blue and white career with a great start. That season he scored a total of 7 goals and has impressive performances in the Copa del Rey, La Liga and Europa League. But just after a successful season, Llorente hinted in an interview that Real Sociedad is just a springboard club. Real Sociedad had no intention of making Diego Llorente the soul of the team. In that season, the club’s management stated that Llorente could be sold as long as there was a suitable offer, but Real Sociedad and Diego Llorente Te himself waited for a whole summer without a decent offer.

他是17/18赛季夏季的第一个签约球员。他以出色的起点开始了自己的蓝白职业。那个赛季,他一共打进了7个进球,并且在国王杯,西甲联赛和欧洲联赛中都有出色的表现。但是就在一个成功的赛季结束后,洛伦特在一次采访中暗示,皇家社会只是跳板俱乐部。皇家社会无意让迭戈·洛伦特成为球队的灵魂。在那个季节,俱乐部管理层表示只要有合适的报价就可以出售Llorente,但是Real Sociedad和Diego Llorente Te亚搏娱乐入口本人在整个夏天都没有合适的报价。

Diego Llorente became Spain's regular international in the 18/19 season, but his performance in Real Sociedad has gradually declined. Diego Llorente's defects on the defensive end have been thoroughly studied by his opponents, and he has also lost the threat on the offensive end, scoring only one goal in the next two seasons. Real Sociedad rejected Everton, Wolves and Monaco’s offers in the past two years. Either the amount offered by the other party was too low to meet the requirements of Real Sociedad, or the offer was too late and the Real Sociedad thought it could not be in the short term. Find a suitable player to fill the position.

迭戈·洛伦特(Diego Llorente)在18/19赛季成为西班牙的常规国际比赛,但他在皇家社会的表现却逐渐下降。对手对迭戈·洛伦特(Diego Llorente)在防守端的缺陷进行了彻底研究,他在进攻端也失去了威胁,在接下来的两个赛季中仅攻入一球。皇家社会在过去两年拒绝了埃弗顿,狼队和摩纳哥的报价。对方提出的报价太低而无法满足皇家社会的要求,或者报价太迟,皇家社会认为短期内亚搏娱乐入口不可能。寻找合适的球员来填补这个位置。

With the advent of the epidemic, the crazy transfer market in the football world has also been poured cold water. Leeds United came to Gipuzkoa with strong sincerity and a good offer. Although this offer was far less generous than the one sent by Monaco, it eventually succeeded in moving the Royal Society.


It should be noted that Diego Llorente's contract before leaving the team is still the one signed when he transferred in the summer of 2017. This is the oldest contract in the Royal Sociedad. Real Sociedad has signed a new contract with most of the regular lineup players of the first team in the past two years to increase their salaries. Only Diego Llorente’s salary in the 2017 contract is incompatible with his tactical status in the team. . Real Sociedad did not even consider renewing the contract with Diego Llorente. After the first summer, the management of the club only regarded him as a product displayed in the window.

值得注意的是,迭戈·洛伦特(Diego Llorente)在离开球队之前的合同仍然是他在2017年夏天转会时签订的合同。这是皇家社会队中最古老的合同。皇家社会在过去两年中与一线队的大多数常规阵容球员签订了新合同,以提高他们的薪水。仅迭戈·洛伦特(Diego Llorente)在2017年合同中的薪水与其在球队中的战术地位不符。 。 Real Sociedad甚至没有考虑与Diego Llorente续签合同。在第一个夏天之后,俱乐部的管理层仅将他视为橱窗中展示的产品。

Diego Llorente has never really integrated into the Royal Society. He did not succeed when he left, nor did he leave any good memories here. Diego Llorente is cold by nature and taciturn. He has not been able to integrate into the dressing room of Real Sociedad after playing for the team for three years. The image of Diego Llorente in the mouth of the fans is even worse. It is not too much to say that it is the most stigmatized one in the main lineup in recent years.

Diego Llorente从未真正融入皇家学会。他离开时没有成功,也没有在这里留下任何美好的回忆。迭亚搏全网戈·洛伦特(Diego Llorente)天生和沉默寡言。在为球队效力三年之后,他一直无法融入皇家社会的更衣室。球迷眼中的迭戈·洛伦特(Diego Llorente)形象更差。不用说这是近年来主要阵容中最受污名的一款。

In the game on July 13, 2019, which was about the European seat, Diego Llorente scored another key goal two seasons later. After confirming that the goal is valid, Diego Llorente's finger shots screamed and roared. Yue Zhenyuan always vented his suppressed emotions for two years in a flash. The twisted and hideous face even made people Suspecting that at that moment he was not celebrating 亚搏娱乐入口at all, but yelling at someone behind the camera. Who is it? Diego Llorente's girlfriend also reposted that photo after the game and wrote: "Shut up."

在有关欧洲席位的2019年7月13日的比赛中,迭戈·洛伦特(Diego Llorente)两个赛季后又攻入了另一个关键进球。确认目标正确后,迭戈·洛伦特(Diego Llorente)的指尖尖叫并咆哮。岳振源总是在短暂的一刻中发泄压抑的情绪。扭曲而丑陋的面孔甚至使人们怀疑,那时他根本没有在庆祝,而是对着镜头后面的人大喊大叫。是谁呀?比赛结束后,迭戈·洛伦特(Diego Llorente)的女友也转发了这张照片,并写道:“闭嘴。”

I don’t know how many people would have thought that his girlfriend would have come to terms with the truth, and that picture would really become Diego Llorente’s last dance in the Royal Society.

我不知道有多少人会认为他的女朋友会接受真相,而那幅画真的成为迭戈·洛伦特(Diego Llorente)在皇家学会中的最后一支舞。

After leaving the team, Real Sociedad fans will indeed no longer belittle Diego Llorente as before.


As for whether those evaluations are fair? The future will give us an answer.


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