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If you were a forward who withdrew to the goal line to defend a corner kick, what choice would you make when the ball passed the goalkeeper and rushed into the space above you?


Perhaps many people will slap their chests and vowed to say: "I will hit the ball with my hands!" If we add another premise-World Cup knockouts, would you still dare to make such a choice?


On July 3, 2010, in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in South Africa, Uruguay played against Ghana. When the game progressed to overtime stoppage time, Ghana got a right corner kick. Panthill made a pass. There was a chaos in the penalty area. Apia’s supplement shot亚搏全网 was first blocked by Suarez with his body, and then Aditya header. Another shot was shot by Suarez's hand in front of the goal line. The referee on duty immediately sent off the latter and gave the Ghana team a valuable penalty.

2010年7月3日,在南非世界杯四分之一决赛中,乌拉圭队与加纳队对决。当比赛进行到加班暂停时间时,加纳获得了一个右角球。潘特希尔(Panthill)传球。禁区里一片混乱。 Suiaz首先用身体挡住Apia的补射,然后是Aditya头球。苏亚雷斯的手在球门线前另一杆射门。值班裁判立即将后者解雇,并对加纳队判处宝贵的罚款。

The game was about to end, the main forward was sent off, and the opponent received a penalty... The Uruguay team fell into the abyss in just a few seconds. However, Ghana’s penalty kick was not able to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Although his shot deceived the goalkeeper, he slammed heavily on the crossbar.


In the penalty shootout, Ghana’s John Monza and Aditya’s shots were saved by Muslera. The Uruguay team eliminated Ghana with a score of 5:3 and successfully qualified for the 2010 South Africa World Cup semi-finals.


There is no doubt that Muslera's brave performance in the penalty shootout has become a key factor for the Uruguay team to be able to advance, but we can't ignore Suarez's brilliant "save" in injury time. The latter said when talking about his handball after the game: "I did that, so my teammates had a chance to win the penalty shootout. When I saw Ji An missed the penalty, I felt inexplicable joy. ······For that foul, I feel very sad, no one wants to be sent off, but I have no other choice. Now it seems that it is very worthwhile to be sent off, because we persisted to the end. Now,'God The hand' is mine."


Compared to the goal scored by the Argentine superstar Maradona in 1986, Suarez's "hand of god" seems more reasonable. Indeed, the Uruguayan’s goal line handball was an out-and-out bad foul, but Suarez was also punished due to it-a red card, a penalty, he just used the most extreme way to help The team retained hope of promotion.


On January 24, 1987, Suarez was born in an ordinary family in Salto, Uruguay, with 7 brothers in total. Due to the divorce of the parents, the seven brothers can only be raised by the mother alone, so Suarez had a very difficult life in childhood.


In 1994, Suarez moved with his mother to Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Although Suarez had already shown high football talent at that time, due to his poor family background, he could not receive formal football training and could only play wild football with his school partners in the dusty streets.


The poor family situation made Suarez's football career start much later than his peers. But from another point of view, the long-term experience of playing in the wild has also broadened Suarez’s thinking on the field. He is different from the regular youth players who have a clear eye in every move. He is often able to do something unimaginable in the game. move. This personal trait has become a valuable asset in Suarez's career, helping him to rank among the world's top centers for many consecutive years.


In the 2006~2007 season, Suarez, who was only 19 years old, won the attention of the Dutch League team Groningen with his outstanding performance in the Uruguayan national team. At first, Suarez couldn't integrate into the team system because of language barrier, he could only play in the second team of Groningen.


Suarez at Groningen


When the 19-year-old Suarez was confused about his future in Europe, Bruno Silva, another Uruguayan in the Groningen team, became the guide of his career. Bruno Silva not only helped Suarez choose his residence in Groningen, but also encouraged the latter to actively learn Dutch.

当19岁的苏亚雷斯(Suarez)对自己在欧洲的未来感到困惑时,格罗宁根(Groningen)队的另一位乌拉圭人布鲁诺·席尔瓦(Bruno Silva)成为了他的职业生涯的向导。布鲁诺·席尔瓦(Bruno Silva)不仅帮助苏亚雷斯(Suarez)选择了他在格罗宁根(Groningen)的住所,还鼓励后者积极学习荷兰语。

With the help of Bruno Silva, Suarez gradually integrated into the atmosphere of Dutch football and scored 17 goals in the first season of joining the team.

在布鲁诺·席尔瓦(Bruno Silva)的帮助下,苏亚雷斯(Suarez)逐渐融入了荷兰足球的氛围,并在加入该队的第一个赛季打入17球。

Suarez under Ajax


In the 2007~2008 season, the Dutch giants Ajax spent 7.5 million euros to recruit Suarez under his command. During this period, Suarez came into contact with many of the world's top teams through the Champions League. He began to realize the gap between himself and the top center forwards in running position and opportunity grasping ability, and consciously strengthened training in these areas.


During his three and a half seasons with Ajax, Suarez played a total of 159 games for the team in all competitions, helping the team score 111 goals and 64 assists. Such excellent performance has made many teams from the five major leagues also interested in the Uruguayan center. On January 28, 2011, Suarez officially joined the Liverpool Football Club of the Premier League with a transfer fee of 26.5 million euros.

在与阿贾克斯(Ajax)在一起的三个半赛季中,苏亚雷斯在所有比赛中为该队总共踢了159场比赛,帮助球队攻入111球和64助攻。如此出色的表现使来自五个大联盟的许多球队也对乌拉圭中锋感兴趣。 2011年1月28日,苏亚雷斯以2650万欧元的转会费正式加入英超利物浦足球俱乐部。

In Liverpool, Suarez has completely grown into a world-class striker.


As a strong center forward, his youthful experience in the field made him dare to make all kinds of dazzling dribbling moves in the game. The Uruguayan star scored in the first game on behalf of the Red Army ( In a 2-0 victory over Stoke on February 2, 2011, Suarez scored a goal in 79 minutes).


2010~2011 season Premier League standings


In the second half of the 2010~2011 season, Suarez played 13 games on behalf of Liverpool and scored 4 goals, helping the Reds rise from the middle and lower reaches of the standings to the top six.


Suarez in Liverpool


Judging from today, Suarez is right to choose Liverpool as a springboard to enter the top team. At that time, the Red Army was in a period of depression in the new century-clubs were embarrassed in signing funds, the coaching team was questioned, and the team's paper strength was limited. In this context, the club was naturally willing to give Suarez Such new stars have more performance opportunities. At the same time, once he can succeed in Liverpool, the Red Army is also willing to sell him to a higher platform team at a satisfactory price.


During his 3 and a half seasons with Liverpool, Suarez played 133 games on behalf of the team, scoring 82 goals and 36 assists. In his last season with Liverpool, Suarez scored 31 goals in 33 Premier League games, not only helped the team win the Premier League runner-up, but also tied with Portuguese superstar Ronaldo and won the European Golden Boot in the 2013~2014 season. prize.


On July 11, 2014, Suarez officially transferred to La Liga giants Barcelona, ​​the two sides signed a five-year contract. According to "Football Leaks", Suarez's transfer fee is as high as 82亚搏娱乐入口.3 million euros.


In Suarez's heart, there is a bohemian soul. He has the courage to challenge, dare to think of others, but his unconstrained character sometimes causes a lot of controversy for him.


On November 20, 2010, Ajax played against PSV, Suarez suddenly opened his mouth and bit on the shoulder of PSV midfielder Bakar. After the game, the Ajax Club immediately announced that Suarez would be suspended for two games and imposed an unknown fine (the club stated that it would donate Suarez's fine to charity). Soon after, the Dutch Football Association increased Suarez's suspension to seven games.


On April 21, 2013, Liverpool played against Chelsea. In 73 minutes of the match, Suarez suddenly opened his mouth and bit the Serbian defender on the arm of the Serbian defender during a physical confrontation with Ivanovic in the Chelsea penalty area. Take a bite. Ivanovic immediately complained to the referee on duty, but the latter ignored it.


This incident alarmed the then British Prime Minister Cameron. The FA immediately appointed a three-person independent team to investigate Suarez’s bite. They finally decided to suspend the Uruguayan for 10 games.


The bite incident in the Premier League has left Suarez in the center of public opinion for a long time. The exhausted Uruguayan said on May 31, 2013 that he would leave Liverpool at the summer window.


On August 6, after Liverpool rejected Arsenal’s offer of £40 million, Suarez once again reiterated his wish to leave the team and said that the club’s senior management had agreed to him if the team did not win the 2013~2014 season. The ticket to the Champions League allowed him to transfer.


The then Liverpool coach Rogers publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with Suarez's remarks the next day. He believed that the club did not violate any promises, and the latter's remarks showed "complete disrespect" for the team.


Although Suarez still stayed in Liverpool, there have been a lot of rumors about the conflict between him and Rogers in the major media. Some people made a fuss about Suarez’s return to the training ground and did not apologize to Rogers, believing that Liverpool had already had a discord between the generals; others believed that Suarez did not leave the team because the owner John Henry blocked it. .

尽管苏亚雷斯仍留在利物浦,但在主流媒体上有很多关于他与罗杰斯之间冲突的传闻。有些人对苏亚雷斯重返训练场大惊小怪,并没有向罗杰斯道歉,他们认为利物浦已经与将军们发生争执。其他人则认为苏亚雷斯没有离开车队,因为车主约翰·亨利阻止了车队。 。

On June 24, 2014, in the third round of Group D of the Brazil World Cup group stage, Italy played against Uruguay. In the 78th minute of the game, Suarez and Italian defender Chiellini entangled in the penalty area. Suarez suddenly opened his mouth and bit Chiellini's left shoulder without the ball. The latter fell to the ground in pain. Although the referee on duty did not immediately fine Suarez for a foul, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee announced two days later that Suarez was banned from participating in 9 international matches (this is the longest suspension in World Cup history), and 4 Cannot participate in football activities for a month.


For a long time, when people mention Suarez, they always think of his "bad deeds" on the pitch. The Uruguayan seems to be gradually turning from a talented offensive player to a "football hooligan". .

长期以来,当人们提到苏亚雷斯时,他们总是会想到他在球场上的“坏事”。乌拉圭人似乎正在逐渐从有才华的进攻球员转变为“足球流氓”。 。

As he grows older, the reckless and impulsive Suarez has become a thing of the past. The Uruguayan center seems to know how to adjust his mental state and devote more attention to the game.


In an interview, Suarez said: "Some things in the past are my fault, but some defenders always provoke me. Chiellini and Ivanovic are like this. They use words over and over again. Provocations are endless. But I promise that things like that will not happen again. I will fight back when I encounter provocations before, but now I will choose to walk away."


Suarez, who is more focused on the game, has also achieved the results he deserves. During his time in Barcelona, ​​he won the La Liga Golden Boot, the Club World Cup Golden Boot, and the European Golden Boot, helping the Red and Blues win the Champions League, La Liga, and Copa del Rey. , European Super Cup champion and many other honors.

专注于游戏的苏亚雷斯(Suarez)也取得了应有的成绩。在巴塞罗那期间,他获得了西甲金靴奖,俱乐部世界杯金靴奖和欧洲金靴奖,帮助红蓝军团赢得了冠军联赛,西甲和雷帕。 ,欧洲超级杯冠军等许多荣誉。

Suarez is now 33 years old, and he is inevitably showing signs of decline in his state as he is gradually entering the latter part of his ca亚搏全网reer. In order to reduce the burden of Suarez and Messi, Barcelona has spent a lot of money to introduce Dembele, Coutinho, Griezmann and other frontcourt attackers. But judging from the overall performance of these players, they have not been able to completely take over the burden of Suarez and Messi and become the leaders of the new generation of the Red and Blues.


Suarez's state is still outstanding this season. He has scored 14 goals and 10 assists in 23 games on behalf of Barcelona. However, Suarez's right knee was injured after the semi-finals of the Western Super Cup, which also led to a decline in Barcelona's record for a while.


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