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Many Chinese fans were excited by the new naturalization rules adopted by FIFA in September. Under this new regulation, not only did the Chinese player Jiang Guangtai's naturalization problem have been smoothly understood, but several other Chinese Super League foreign players who had no naturalization possibility were also qualified for naturalization in an instant, such as Wuhan Zall's Eve La and Teixeira of Jiangsu Suning.


Evra, 26, is from Côte d’Ivoire in West Africa. Evra transferred from Croatia's Hayduk team to my country's Shanghai SIPG team in 2015, and then went to Wuhan Zall in 2017. From the perspective of time, Evra has been playing in the Chinese league for five consecutive years. After the introduction of the new naturalization rules, he once represented the Côte d’Ivoire national youth team and now he can represent as long as he obtains Chinese nationality. The national football debuted in international competitions.

26岁的埃夫拉(Evra)来自西非的科特迪瓦。 2015年,埃夫拉从克罗地亚的Hayduk队转会到中国的上海SIPG队,然后在2017年前往武汉扎尔。从时间的角度来看,埃夫拉已经连续五年参加中国联赛。引入新的入籍规则后,他曾经代表科特迪瓦国家青年队,现在只要获得中亚搏娱乐入口国国籍,他就可以代表。国家足球队在国际比赛中首次亮相。

However, if we want to see Evra wearing the national football shirt, we have to hurry up and become naturalized. The Côte d’Ivoire side doesn’t seem to want to give us their players for nothing, they have already shot.


The Côte d’Ivoire national team announced their latest big roster on October 2. Well-known stars such as Bailey, Aurie, Nicolas Pepe, and Zaha are all on the list, and the most concerned by Chinese fans is Egypt Fra's selection. Next, the Côte d’Ivoire team will play a friendly match against Belgium and Japan on the 8th and 13th of this month.


Evra, a striker, has never represented the Côte d’Ivoire national team before, and he is therefore qualified as a naturalized player under the new rules. But as long as Evra played an international A-level event for Côte d'Ivoire, he could no longer be naturalized in another country.


Our fans who wish to naturalize Evra should not be too nervous now, because the next two friendly matches of Côte d'Ivoire are not international A-level matches. Even if Evra is on the stage, we still have the chance to be naturalized. However, since Côte d'Ivoire has put its attitude forward, I believe that when there is an international A-level event, they will still recruit Evra.


Côte d’Ivoire is star-studded in the forward position, and Evra’s role in this West African powerhouse may not be so prominent. However, for the Chinese team, the situation is very different. Now that we have chosen the path of naturalization, we must try our best to naturalize as the best players, but among the few non-Chinese players who are now naturalized, Only Fernando is relatively young, and the status of Exxon and Luo Guofu has fallen sharply with age, which makes people worry about whether they are still capable of leading the Chinese team in 2022. In this way, Evra, who is in his prime, is particularly important.


The situation with Evra is similar to Jiangsu Suning's foreign aid Teixeira. The Brazilian player once got very close to the Premier League giants Liverpool in 2016, but Suning took him over at the last minute with a sky-high annual salary. After the passage of the new naturalization rules, Teixeira has also met the requirements for naturalization. Because of his outstanding strength, fans have also expressed a very high voice for him.


Teixeira’s contract with Suning is about to expire after the end of this season. At present, the Saudi team Riyadh Crescent has shown a keen interest in him. After the Football Association imposed a salary limit on foreign aid, the current Super League teams can only provide foreign aid with an annual salary of 3 million euros after tax. This makes it difficult for our team to compete with the local tyrants in the Middle East. If we are not clear about Teixeira’s naturalization problem, it will be too late when Teixeira accepts the invitation of a foreign team.


In August of this year, the day after FIFA released the draft amendments to the naturalization rules, Evra posted a training photo of herself on her social account, with the Chinese flag attached to it. This is regarded by many as his favor of naturalization.


However, the current attitude of the Chinese Football Association towards naturalized players is very vague. Although the Football Association has already issued relevant regulations for naturalization of players, except for a few major clubs, it seems difficult for other clubs in my country to naturalize players. For example, the Henan Jianye team has been late in applying for Ivo's naturalization. Can be passed.


The attitude of the Football Association on the issue of naturalization may be related to the outside world's views on the naturalized players. However, time is not waiting for anyone. There is not much time left for the Football Association to struggle. The return of Evra and Teixeira The issue of chemistry has reached an imminent moment. I wonder if everyone thinks that the Football Association should quickly naturalize these two players?

足协对入籍问题的态度可能与外界对入籍运动员的看法有关。但是,时间不在等待任何人。足协挣扎的时间不多了。 Evra和Teixeira的回归化学问题已经迫在眉睫。我想知道是否所有人都认为足协应该尽快将这两名球员归化?

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