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亚搏全网|教练失误葬送的季后赛胜利! 波波维奇也干了?
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   In the G2 game of the Western Conference Finals, Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis made a three-point buzzer buzzer. The hole in the defense of the Nuggets player Pramley allowed the thick eyebrows to seize the opportunity. However, this is not just a mistake made by Plumlee, but also the Nuggets coach Malone also had problems with the last minute deployment of troops. So in the history of the NBA playoffs, are there any examples of coaching errors that let the team ruin the game victory? Lets come look!

在西部决赛的G2游戏中,洛杉矶湖人队的球星安东尼·戴维斯(Anthony Davis)发出了三分蜂鸣器。掘金球员普拉姆利的防守漏洞让浓密的眉毛抓住了机会。但是,这不仅是Plumlee犯的错误,掘金队教练马隆在最后一刻部署部队时也遇到了问题。那么在NBA季后赛的历史上,有没有教练失误的例子,这些失误让球队毁了比赛的胜利?让我们来看看!



   In the G6 game, the Spurs are already 3-2 ahead of the Heat. As long as they win this game, the Spurs can successfully win the championship. At that time, in that game, the Spurs led Duncan to firmly control the situation in the first three quarters. Duncan scored 20 points in the first half. Stone Buddha with 30 points and 17 rebounds made the Heat on both ends of the game. Seems helpless. At the end of the first three quarters, the Spurs led the Heat by 10 points 75-65, and it looks like they are getting closer to the championship.


   However, at the last moment, when the Spurs still led the Heat by 5 points, Popovich actually replaced Duncan. This is because the Heat were desperately shooting three-pointers at the time, so Popovich saw this and then simply replaced Duncan, who was physically exhausted, and replaced them with a more flexible lineup to fight the Heat's three-pointers. This also led to the Spurs' three-pointers. The height dropped sharply, the highest was only 2.03 meters Dior, which caused Wade and Bosh to easily grab two rebounds.


At that time, Bosh grabbed a key rebound and passed it to Ray Allen. After receiving Bosh's pass, Ray Allen completed the shot of the century. In the end, the Heat narrowly defeated the Spurs and won the game. The two sides in the G7 game finally The Heat continued to win and won this year's championship.

当时,波什(Bosh)抢下一个关键篮板,将其传给了雷·艾伦(Ray Allen)。在收到Bosh的通过之后,Ray Allen结束了本世纪的射击。最终,热火险些击败马刺并赢得了比赛。在G7比赛中,双方终于赢得了热火并赢得了今年的冠军。



In this round of the series, Dunleavy’s Clippers played inextricably with the Suns and entered the game of G5. At that time, the Suns led by 3 points with 40 seconds left in the fourth quarter and Kassel made the final 3-pointer. On hit, he helped the Clippers drag the game into overtime.


   In overtime, the Clippers had a 111-108 lead at the last minute. However, what is puzzling is that Dunleavy actually suffered from rookie Daniel Ewing when the sun called a timeout. You know, the Suns were the team with the highest three-pointer percentage in the NBA that year, averaging 10.2 three-pointers per game and shooting as high as 39.9%.

在加时赛中,快船在最后一分钟取得111-108的领先优势。但是,令人困惑的是,邓利维实际上是在新秀丹尼尔·尤因(Daniel Ewing)遭受太阳侵袭而遭受苦难的时候。要知道,太阳是当年三分球命中率最高的球队,平均每场三分球命中率为10.2,命中率高达39.9%。

  Perhaps, Dunleavy wanted to use Ewing to defend the Suns' three-pointer offense, but, you know, Ewing didn't play for a minute before he played at the last moment of the game. In the first four games, he played only 3 minutes in total.


   Therefore, it is obviously unpredictable to send a rookie at such an important moment. Sure enough, in the end, the Suns scored a three-pointer at the buzzer and won the game in the second overtime. As a result, they led their opponents 3-2 on the big score, and finally, in the G6 game, the Suns won and advanced to the Western Conference finals.




   Before the Eastern Conference finals in 2013, the Heat had a very strong momentum. They only lost one of the 9 games in the first two rounds of the series. However, in the Eastern Conference Finals, they faced the Pacers and actually won 7 games against their opponents. More importantly, if Vogel did not make a mistake in the formation at the last minute, then maybe that year. In, the Pacers have a chance to enter the finals.


   In the G1 game, with 10 seconds left, the Heat once led the opponent 101-99. At this point, Paul George made a successful three-point foul, and he helped the team to overtake the score 102-101 with 2.2 seconds left in the game.

在G1游戏中,还剩10秒,热火曾经以101-99领先对手。此时,保罗·乔治(Paul George)成功犯规三分,他帮助球队在比赛还剩2.2秒的时候超过了102-101的比分。

   At the time, the Heat called a timeout, and at this time, Pacers coach Vogel actually let Hibbert sit on the bench. You know, Hibbert was the team's inside pillar and also a defensive top. During that season, he averaged 2.6 blocks per game, ranking fourth in the NBA.


   Due to the emptiness of the Pacers inside, in the last 2.2 seconds, the team gave James a chance. After James received a pass from Battier, he made a layup and killed the opponent. Although the Pacers have won three games since then, they lost to their opponents by a big score of 3-4.


   In other words, if the Pacers had won the G1 victory at that time, would they have entered the finals?




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