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After the announcement of the FA Cup and the second stage of the Chinese Super League, the Chinese Super League team is most concerned about the AFC schedule. On October 9th, Beijing time, everything finally settled. The AFC officially announced that the 2020 AFC East Asian Games will be held in Doha, Qatar from November 18th to December 13th. This means that the AFC and FA Cup schedules of the Chinese Super League have completely crashed, and each team must make a choice.


Race crash, "one into two" is the only option?


Before the National Day of the 11th, the Chinese Super League had ended the first two-month period of the game. After nearly 20 days of rest, the top 16 will be invested in the second stage, the intensity of which is not lost in the first stage, but the density of matches is increasing. Stage of the game. For the Chinese Super League, the special season separates the domestic two-line battle into two single-line battles, but due to time constraints, the "crash" between the AFC and the FA Cup becomes inevitable.


In early September, the Football Association announced the schedule of the 2020 Football Association Cup. The 1/8 finals to the finals will be held from November 26 to December 19. Even if the AFC matches are not included, Guangzhou Evergrande, Shanghai SIPG, and Beijing Guoan will also quickly enter the Football Association Cup two weeks after the end of the Super League. Now that the time of the AFC Champions League is determined, half of the two events overlap completely. Considering that one is played in China and the other is played in West Asia, the Super League must make a choice.

9月初,足协宣布了2020年足协杯的赛程。 1/8决赛将在11月26日至12月19日举行。即使不包括亚足联比赛,广州恒大,上海SIPG和北京国安也将在世界杯结束后两周迅速进入足协杯。超级联赛。现在确定了亚冠联赛的时间,两个事件中的一半完全重叠。考虑到一个是在中国比赛,另一个是在西亚比赛,中超联赛必须做出选择。

The Chinese Super League Championship team ended on November 12, leaving Evergrande, Guoan, SIPG and Shenhua only 6 days to prepare for the AFC Champio亚搏全网ns League. Affected by the epidemic, the Chinese Super League big4 still has to face a series of practical problems such as "entry-exit (visa), international travel" and so on. The time is particularly urgent. There are only less than three months before the end of 2020, and the AFC has no room for maneuver to change the schedule. It is fortunate that the AFC Champions League did not collide with the Super League.


The method is always more difficult than the difficulty. According to the "Tianjin Daily" report, the Chinese Football Association has communicated with the relevant clubs, and the only feasible way is to split the team into two fronts.


The palms of the palms and the bac亚搏全网ks of the hands are all meat, and Shenhua, who has no distraction, has become a dark horse?


A clear reality is that, with the exception of the defending champion Shenhua, who was upset in the first round of the FA Cup, the remaining three AFC Super League teams need to fight on two fronts and divide into two teams at the same time. Which arenas to focus on? It will be a multiple-choice question that each team needs to face.


The 2020 Super League season will be settled on November 12, when neither the AFC Champions League nor the Football Association Cup will start, but the 2.5 AFC Champions League places have been determined. If any of Evergrande, SIPG and Guoan has a team There are only two ways to go to the AFC if you want to enter the 2021 season. One is to win the FA Cup and get an AFC qualification; the other is to win the AFC Champion and get an AFC qualification.


Comparing the two, the difficulty of the FA Cup and the AFC is not the same. Therefore, if any one of the three teams that are in a big situation makes a mistake, it may be more difficult to focus on the champion亚搏娱乐入口ship for the AFC qualification. Above the Football Association Cup. Of course, there will be other influencing factors. For example, even if the two-time AFC Evergrande winner misses the top three, it is impossible to strategically abandon the AFC. The same is true of Guoan, which has been recruiting troops and trying to achieve hegemony in recent years. Although the palms and backs of the hands are all meat, any ambitious team will be more inclined to recruit the AFC.


Unlike Evergrande, Shanghai SIPG, and Guoan, which are ranked first in the Chinese Super League, Shenhua, who is the weakest on paper, can be said to have no distractions. After the Football Association Cup is out, they can send their full lineup to compete in the AFC Champions League, and even become the largest in the Chinese Super League. The possibility of a dark horse. However, in the group Shenhua is in, FC Tokyo, Ulsan Hyundai, Perth Glory are not easy to deal with. FC Tokyo scored 4 points in 2 games, Ulsan Hyundai scored 1 points in 1 game, and Perth gloriously scored 0 points in 1 game. The current situation of Shenhua's group is not clear, the result of a game may change the overall situation. Can Shenhua, who participated in the AFC Champions League for the tenth time, wipe out the haze of repeated battles in the past?


Fighting against West Asia, X factor controls the situation


Regardless of the choice made by the Chinese Super League, one thing is certain-the 2020 AFC Champions League will be the most variable in history. The UEFA Champions League that ended in August can be used as a comparison. The relatively weak Bundesliga and Ligue 1 in the five major leagues have divided the semi-finals for the first time in history, making everyone surprised.


Reference to the strength of Bundesliga and Ligue 1 can reflect the important impact of physical fitness on the game during the epidemic. Ligue 1 was cut in half and the Bundesliga ended early, allowing the teams in the two leagues to have more time for the physical reserves of the UEFA Champions League. Facing the exhausted British, Italian and Spanish teams, they demonstrated extraordinary combat effectiveness. .

提及德甲和联赛1的实力,可以反映出身体健康状况在流行期间对比赛的重要影响。联赛1被减半,德甲提前结束,这使两个联赛中的球队有更多的时间来参加欧洲冠军联赛的身体储备。面对疲惫的英国,意大利和西班牙队,他们表现出非凡的战斗力。 。

The Chinese Super League team will seamlessly match the AFC after the end of the league. Compared with the South Korean team, they have less than ten days of rest period and will face a huge test. Under the intensive schedule of one game in three days, the teams participating in the AFC will have to adapt to the completely different environments in West Asia and China, which will test the will and determination of a team.


Of course, competitive sports has always relied on strength and will. Since the Chinese are able to unite in the face of the epidemic, the Chinese team will certainly have a high morale in the intercontinental arena. The Chinese Super League big4 fights against Doha, what answer can they finally give? We will wait and see!


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