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In the Spring Festival Gala of 1987, Fei Xiang came to the stage and sang "A Fire in Winter". As a result, in May, four forest areas in Daxinganling caught fire at the same time. Fei Xiang's pot was all ridiculed by the masses.


The largest forest fire since the founding of the People's Republic of China burned for 28 days. Nearly 60,000 soldiers and civilians worked together to extinguish the fire. When the fire was at its strongest, Yan Xin received the task to help put out the fire.


Back then, Master Yan claimed that he could change its molecular structure without contact with substances. After receiving the task, he did not move. It wasn't until the fire was controlled that he hid in the attic and made power from a long distance. When the fire was extinguished, Master Yan announced in a high profile:


In the late 1970s, child prodigies like "ears literacy" and "getting things from the air" were spread out to be particularly evil. Guo Moruo screamed that the spring of Chinese science and technology is coming. The experiment proved that they were all false. However, Yan Xin, who had been a barefoot doctor, took advantage of the east wind of "human body's special function" to move from Sichuan to Beijing.


In the early 1980s, "Qigong fever" swept the country. The turbulent past, cultural gaps, and the material gap with the West, Chinese people are eager to seek national pride. In the beginning, "Qigong treatment" was just a joke. The "ear literacy" experiment failed and was criticized. But soon, some scientists came forward and said that this is the most advanced life science and an inevitable trend in the development of human science.

1980年代初,亚搏娱乐入口“气功热”风靡全国。动荡的过去,文化鸿沟和与西方的物质鸿沟,中国人民渴望寻求民族自豪感。一开始,“气功治疗”只是一个玩笑。 “耳朵扫盲”实验失败并受到批评。但是不久,一些科学家挺身而出,说这是最先进的生命科学,也是人类科学发展的必然趋势。

The slogan of the great era has passed, but the business atmosphere has not. Since it is advanced technology, why not do it quickly?


Subsequently, various places began to excavate strangers. An article in the "Sichuan Workers Daily" stated that Yan Xin can not only cure lameness and paralysis, but also eliminate cancer cells like cutting melons and vegetables.

随后,各地开始挖掘陌生人。 《四川工人日报》的一篇文章说,严欣不仅可以治疗cure行和瘫痪,还可以消除切瓜和蔬菜等癌细胞。

When the news spread to the capital, someone immediately asked him to treat Deng Jia who was suffering from illness. Mr. Deng was sick, but his brain was not sick, so he refused to receive treatment. Yan Xin knew that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so he made a plan to develop the magical skill of "gong in the air" overnight, and he could cure without contact.


In the end, Deng's condition worsened and he drove west. But this did not affect the reputation of the master. In 1986, a very important newspaper stated that he was carrying telegrams and letters from people seeking medical treatment all the way, going north and doing work along the way, and healed many people.

最后,邓的病情恶化,他向西行驶。但这并没有影响主人的声誉。 1986年,一家非常重要的报纸说,他一直带着电报和来信,这些人一直在寻求医疗服务,一直往北走,一路干活,并治愈了许多人。

At the National Qigong Symposium that year, Qian Xuesen also said that qigong is a major event and must be done well. With the authority to call, the Qigong career across the country is in full swing, and the people are learning in a swarm. On the streets of Beijing, you can see people doing exercises everywhere.


At this time, Master Yan was summoned into the Qigong research group under the name of Tsinghua University, and he worked with Yipiao Qigong scholars to research fruitful scientific research results, and successively published papers in various Qigong science journals, claiming to change the molecular structure of matter. Cancer and AIDS will no longer threaten all mankind.


After the fire incident, Master Yan’s innovative thinking took a qualitative leap, and he developed qigong to the atomic level, saying that he could manipulate nuclear matter, and he was not afraid of a third world war.


It's really a talented person, Master Yan, at that time Fulian Universe hadn't taken shape, otherwise the Ten Thanos would not be his opponent.


Iron Man died so unjustly.


In "Thirteen Invitations," Xu Zhiyuan asked Wu Mengda when he met Jin Yong. Uncle Da said that in 1992, he received a call from Jin Yong and asked him to go to dinner with Fa Ge. When I arrived at the scene, it turned out to be accompanied by a qigong master from the mainland.


In those two years, Qigong's influence reached its peak. In addition to Master Yan, who can play with the periodic table between the palms of the hands, there is also Zhang Baosheng who can "get things out of the air". After a promotion by "Superman Zhang Baosheng", he went to the Spring Festival Gala. In addition, there is Zhang Xiangyu, a supernatural power who can talk to nature, and has a mysterious technique that lasts two thousand years. And Zhang Hongbao, a god from heaven, was regarded by his disciples as "the cosmos Changhong, the master of the first generation".


Under the leadership of Yan Xin's "Qigong Academic Report", the masters gave lectures and instructed Qi. Everyone who went to attend the class cried and rolled around. At the same time, the media lavishly exaggerated, and the "Yangtze Evening News" published an article: "The qigong practice in our country is growing at a rate of about 300 types every year, and it has reached tens of thousands so far."

在严欣的《气功学术报告》的带领下,大师们讲课指导齐国。上课的每个人都哭了起来。与此同时,媒体夸大其词,《长江晚报》发表了一篇文章:“我国的气功习俗以每年约300种的速度增长,迄今已达数万种。 ”

After entering the institute, the masters who have shown great ambitions are all economically savvy. Master Yan gave a report in the first body, and tickets can be sold for 100 yuan. Those who can't buy tickets can listen to his "power tape". The pirated version is not good, because you have not been mad, and it is useless to buy it home.


Zhang Hongbao, who created the "Chinese Puzzle Health Care", sold a lot of video tapes and Qigong mental methods, and had more than 100,000 followers at his peak. Zhang Xiangyu gave people the practice everywhere and earned 400,000 yuan in just two years. They shoulder the noble mission of benefiting all mankind, first benefiting their wallets.


Some drummers also became famous. The writer Ke Yunlu doesn't know how to develop gong himself, but he wrote the "Qigong Trilogy" of Qi Guan Changhong, to decipher all the mysterious phenomena of mankind.


In 1993, Ke organized a special function inspection and shot a 24 episode documentary "Exploration of Life Science". If the film is placed now, it is bound to break the monopoly of Hollywood hero movies dominating the world. In the film, magical skills such as "mind mixing medicine", "perspecting mineral deposits", and "turning paper into knives" are performed in turn.


Many years later, Ge You accepted the "Qigong Tooth Extraction" video that became popular on the Internet, which was cut from "Life".


Thanks to the efforts of the media and trumpeters, the people went further into madness. In 1993, a group of believers with aluminum pots on their heads appeared on Miaofeng Mountain in Beijing, and they received cosmic information with the master. Tens of millions of people across the country once followed Zhang Baosheng, posing like a shofar-style Qigong posture in parks, squares or in their backyards.

在媒体和小号手的努力下,人民更加疯狂了。 1993年,一群头顶上有铝罐的信徒出现在北京的妙峰山上,他们与大师一起获得了宇宙信息。全国数以千万计的人曾经跟随张宝生,在公园,广场或后院中像羊角面包式的气功姿势。

It wasn't until 1994 that the bosses stated that they would strengthen the work of popular science and eliminate pseudo-science, and anti-counterfeiting people appeared in succession. The good days of qigong masters began to decline.


Master Yan went to the United States, Zhang Xiangyu was arrested and imprisoned, and Zhang Baosheng's deception was exposed. Only writer Ke has a unique character and continues to engage in research related to life exploration.


In 1996, Wang Xiaobo, who had always admired wisdom, couldn't stand it anymore, and came forward to anger Ke Yunlu, saying that the books he wrote were all rubbish. In October, Wang Xiaobo wrote an open letter saying: "

1996年,一向仰慕智慧的王小波忍受不了了,于是激怒了柯运禄,说他写的书全都是垃圾。 10月,王小波写了一封公开信,说:

The romantic knight didn't see it, and the greater sorrow was still behind.


When Master Yan was studying atomic science, Chen Anzhi met his mentor, Anthony Robin.


At the age of 12, Chen Anzhi went to work-study programs in the United States. Without reading the book, I went to a restaurant to serve dishes.


He claimed to have done 18 jobs, sold cars, knives, and chocolates, and left them unused for nearly ten years. At the age of 21, he was finally illuminated by Master Anthony and began to engage in success studies, focusing on developing the infinite potential of the individual. Soon after, I returned to Taiwan and wrote a brilliant masterpiece, "Selling Products is worse than Selling Yourself".


In the late 1990s, Cheng Chengxue was introduced to the mainland. An article titled "The Legendary Life of Chen Anzhi" touched the hearts of countless wealth admirers. In the article, in order to test his disciples, Master Anthony laid a 17-meter-long burning charcoal on the ground. The charcoal was a red-hot iron plate. The students had to walk barefoot.


In the end, of the 6000 students, only Chen An rushed through the iron plate and was unharmed.


From then on, Master Chen took over the mantle and went around to develop potential. In the book "Inspire Oneself to Be a Superman", he once asked students to pull 1,200 horizontal bars continuously, and after a 15-minute rest, they did 500 push-ups, 600 sit-ups, 15 kilometers running, and physical lifting. Any U.S. Marine.


In 2001, Chen Anzhi was invited to give lectures in the Mainland for the first time. After packaging, it attracted a large number of small and medium-sized business owners and citizens eager to succeed. In Master Chen’s exquisite speech, the confused person finally found the key to unlock the mystery of the universe:


Master Chen’s lectures are usually crowded with people. After the big opening noise of Dong Tse, the master taught the secret technique in a good manner. If you want the audience to be quiet, the audience can be quiet, and if you want everyone to follow him, everyone can be angry together. The effect is comparable to the cross talk of Deyun Society.


Lao Guo asked well: "

Lao G UO asked well: "

Ranked, we are high-tech.


The price of Master Chen's class is much higher than that of Deyun Club. Three or four thousand as little, 10,000 or 20,000 as high. No discount yet. Despite this, many people felt unjust after listening to the class and claimed to be reborn.


Among them, there is Master Liu, who is known as "Brother Miao". Brother Miao was born in the countryside of Northeast China, but he has the common people in the world. When he was 25 years old, he went south to Shenzhen to work, and he suddenly became enlightened when he saw the pirated discs of Chen Anzhi's lecture. After recommending the course to a company called DreamWorks, Brother Miao began to call around to promote sales, fighting for more than ten hours a day, quickly harvesting millions of assets. But he felt it was not enough, he also wanted to be a master.

其中有刘师傅,他被称为“苗哥”。苗弟弟出生于中国东北的农村,但他在世界上是百姓。 25岁那年,他南下深圳工作,当他看到陈安之讲课的盗版唱片时,突然变得开明。在向一家名为梦工厂的公司推荐了该课程之后,苗兄弟开始打电话来促进销售,每天争取十多个小时,迅速收获数百万美元的资产。但是他觉得这还不够,他还想成为一名大师。

In 2002, Brother Miao and a man named Li Yang went to the United States to study. The two of them don't know what the way. After coming back, Li Yang made a "Crazy English", and Brother Miao had his own stage.


The gates of the many wonders, the profound and the mysterious, the wisdom that penetrates the three realms, can you master the wisdom of ordinary people?


No, Brother Miao said, come, come with me, one beat, let brother take you together, hand in 20,000 tickets, listen to my speech, let you turn looking at the universe into overlooking all beings Small. If you want to continue to develop your potential, just sign up for a course of 120,000 yuan. Dear friends, you need to sign up as early as possible, otherwise the fee will rise faster than the house price. If you don’t sign up today, it will cost 300,000 tomorrow.


Most of those who participated in the training were business owners. Looking at Brother Miao, the mountain stood up and was amazed. It didn't take long for Brother Miao to feel that success in learning was a very low thing. Therefore, integrating the essence of the sun and the moon, comprehending the spiritual cultivation of the mountains and rivers, developed an epoch-making "Sanxian Wisdom Lesson", which was put on stage in a robe.


As powerful as Brother Miao, there is also Professor Zhai. This person did not know where to get the diploma of Pheasant University in the United States. After reading the "Analects of Confucius" and "The Tao Te Ching", he claimed to be "Master of Applied Chinese Studies."


Where does this knowledge come from? Said that he was going to a park and saw an old man doing Tai Chi. The two chatted. The old man saw that he had a good reading and wisdom, so he called one or two. The master said that if you use the wisdom of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism in your sales, you will never be disadvantaged.


Professor Zhai has so many titles that it is impossible to list them all. For a while, he was often seen in airport bookstores and talked freely. Of course, the classes are not cheap, hundreds of thousands of sets at every turn.


From "Laozi" to "Book of Changes", from Yin Yang and Five Elements to "Internet +", there is nothing he does not understand. It's just that when "Entrepreneur" interviewed the master, he asked if he knew Chen Yinke.


The master asked: "Who? What?"


Everyone has knowledge blind spots, Cui Jian doesn't know Hello Kitty yet. Understandable, understandable.

每个人都有知识盲点,崔健还不认识Hello Kitty。可以理解,可以理解。

Unfortunately, the videos and books of the three eventually disappeared from the airport. They are like the "Master of Dreams" in "The God of Cookery" lifted up by the disciples. They come and go with the wind.


They are still standing in some high-end venues in China Land and talking, those believers who want to get a touch of spiritual energy can still sign up. Chen Anzhi is even more clever in guerrilla warfare, adding people crazy in WeChat, and even deepening his influence into the currency circle.


What do you say in the movie "Southern Expedition and Northern War"?


In 2010, in a job hunting program, Yang Tianxia came to the stage and began to recite four or six or eight sentences for success.


This boy who took the initiative to leave the university did not speak like a normal person after listening to Brother Miao's class.


In the same year, with the "Encyclopedia" of Hunan Station, Zhang Wuben and his health theory became popular.


As soon as the program was broadcast, it rushed to the top three of the same period. Master Zhang's series of "health remarks" that subverted medicine flowed into millions of households. The most famous of these is the use of 3 catties of mung bean soup every day, together with raw vegetables, which can treat incurable diseases such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, liver cancer, myocardial infarction, and cerebral infarction.


Back in the days when Master Yan was treating cancer, he still had to develop gong. The doctor Zhang told everyone that by eating as I said, you will cure yourself. In "Eating Back the Diseases You Eat", you can effectively prevent various organ diseases by eating black beans, mung beans, red beans, and soybeans. The genius doctor who often quotes scriptures said that the World Health Organization recommends four soups:


Similar to Professor Zhai, Doctor Zhang claims to have an extraordinary background. He was born in a medical family. His father gave him a pulse. He graduated from Beijing Medical University and was one of the first batch of national nutritionists of the Ministry of Health.


In fact, Zhang Wuben’s father was just helping people straighten up their bones. He was only studying correspondence courses at the Medical University, and even the exams were opened. The various remedies of the master are all fictitious products of long-term imagination.


When Qigong was hot, Zhang Wuben worked in Beijing No. 3 Knitting Factory, mainly engaged in workshop maintenance. After the wave of reforms hit, he wanted to make a fortune, bought out his seniority and went to do small business. I have opened a canteen, made Amway, and sold calcium tablets. Zhang Wuben had a better mind, and soon drove into the car.


In 2007, opportunities fell from the sky. Zhang went to participate in an event organized by the Cooperation Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine as an external hired person and served as the speaker of "Popularizing Medical Knowledge". Talking about the diet content of eating cold and hot to prevent diseases.


I don't know, when I talked about it, Master Zhang found that his eloquence was so amazing. The elegant conversation was wrapped in brainwashing power comparable to MLM, and there were repeat customers every time.


Soon, someone looked out.


In the beginning, these companies took the same path as Brother Miao and others, which was to record the CD and get it to the airport to broadcast. On the broadcast, they thought:


But Zhang was not a master at the time, and there was no TV station to buy it. The person who packed him pondered for a long time and decided to publish a book first. Looking around for relationships with trustees, he contacted He Xiongfei, a private publisher who is well-known for planning "academic books". After contacting Zhang, He felt very reliable and got the book number through personal relationships. In the same year, Wubentang Health Technology Co., Ltd. was quietly established in Beijing.


Various folk lectures, discs, and books flooded in, shaping the face of "Hua Tuo alive" Master Zhang in all directions. The company spends huge sums of money to open up contacts and recommend it to major TV stations.


When the masses have more and more surplus money, they pay more and more attention to the quality of life, and become more and more afraid of going to the hospital to spend a lot of money, Zhang Wuben's unique skill finally came into play.


In just 4 months, "Eating Back the Diseases" exceeded one million copies. A word from the master has doubled the price of mung beans. It's hard to find the No. 1 Wubentang, so I have to talk to him for 1,800.


Master Yan still pretends to shake twice.


Doctor Zhang moved his lips, and the money was in his hands.


The posterity is awesome.


As early as when Chen Anzhi landed in the mainland, the "health book" had gone viral.


It's just that the people didn't have much spare money at that time, and their desire to survive was not so strong. Until 2006, health books began to soar at a rate of 20%, Zhang Wuben caught up with the good time.


At about the same time, "Godfather of Detoxification" Lin Guangchang's words "Sweet Potatoes Anti-cancer" made the price of sweet potatoes in Changsha soar threefold. The famous saying "Milk is drunk by cows, not humans" caused Shenyang milk sales to drop by nearly three points. one. Moreover, Ma Yueling, who claims to cure liver cancer and restore consciousness to high paraplegia, has become a generation of health master after 30 years as a junior nurse.


However, compared with Li Yi's Taoism, these people are not even worthy of pouring footwash. This virtuous man who used to work in the Bashu stunt troupe to make a living, even had a problem with eating when he was poor. Unexpectedly, he was transformed into a saint on Jinyun Mountain. The earliest it became popular was based on a book called "Are there gods in the world". The author of the book is the producer of the documentary "Scholar Ma Yun" for Ma teacher.


In 2008, Ma Yun followed her to Jinyun Mountain. Li Daochang claimed to be ill at the age of three, and followed the old Hebei Dao to practice alchemy. At the age of sixteen he became the heir of the Taiyi Kunlun sect. He can cure strange diseases with his hands and recite the Heart Sutra with his mouth. It's a pity that Mr. Ma is not interested in these. The main purpose of going up the mountain is to hide and clean up and practice calligraphy.


Soon, Li Yapeng and Faye Wong went up the mountain again, and more wealthy people bigu. From rich people to celebrities, from reporters to intellectuals, Li Daochang's face is getting bigger and bigger, and his "health preservation" is getting louder and louder.


Open Daochang Li's resume, you will find that he is a very good person. Moreover, the road to fame cannot be separated from Qigong. In 1993, he launched the "Looking for the Dragons of South China" activity, which attracted more than 70 media attention. A few years later, he performed an underwater apnea performance on Shanghai TV station. It took more than 2 hours to close the breath. He claimed to use the fetal breath and directly rubbed the natural laws on the ground.

打开道场李的简历,您会发现他是一个非常好的人。而且,成名之路不能与气功分开。 1993年,他发起了“寻找华南巨龙”活动,引起了70多家媒体的关注。几年后,他在上海电视台进行了一次水下呼吸暂停表演。呼吸花费了两个多小时。他声称自己会使用胎儿的呼吸,并直接在地上摩擦了自然规律。

The cost of engaging in such a big battle and attracting so many rich people must be very high. Therefore, the "sightseeing tour" only costs 390 yuan for Li Daochang's health class, and the "7-day class" costs as much as 9,000 yuan.

进行如此大的战斗并吸引如此众多的富人的成本必须很高。因此,“观光游”李道场的健康课仅花费390元,“ 7天课”则高达9000元。

Compared with him, Master Yan is really a price of conscience.


In 2012, the health care industry was in a halt. The doctor Zhang was exposed to fraud, Godfather Lin was sued, and even the well-connected Daochang Li was stripped away. Unexpectedly, Yan Fang made the headlines just after the health team left.


In 2017, after Sanda about Tai Chi aroused attention, Master Yan's video of "Beat Cows from the Mountain" came into hot search again.


In the video, Yan followed his disciples to learn martial arts. A palm smashed into the air, and the apprentice twitched like touching a switch. Across the five or six disciples, Master Yan smiled slightly and poked his finger lightly, and the disciples flew away. In "Gamblers 2", the master star's trick was so easily realized by her.


People with normal brains can see how pompous Master Yan is. But when they went to Beijing TV as a guest, they said: "


Master Yan Fang also has many titles, the chairman of three or four companies, and a descendant of a certain Tai Chi. In fact, there is only one company under the name, and it is registered with the partner unit. In her early years, she worked as a weaver in the No. 3 National Cotton Factory in Shijiazhuang. Later, she learned Tai Chi and played with people everywhere.


Over the years, there will only be one loser. It was the opponent who accidentally broke his hand. It was Master Yan. In 1995, he fell to the ground while pushing hands with people in Chang'an Park, Shijiazhuang. He has never been to that park since.


Different from the health-care school that focuses on collecting money, Yan Fang takes a few hundred yuan to perform Tai Chi on the street. It can be seen that Master Yan has long since broken away from the low-level taste of material and pursues a pure sense of master. Unexpectedly, being a master is as addictive as surfing the Internet.


I don't know what the scene of her fight with Yang Yongxin will be.


When the electric king saw the electric king, he did not dare to think about the consequences.


In the 1997 New Year's Essay, Wang Xiaobo mentioned two things.


The first is that when he was a child, adults were doing something called "ultrasound". Punch out the flat opening with an iron pipe and install the blade. The cold water blasts the blades, generating oscillations, and the emitted ultrasonic waves can steam buns. The second thing is that when an educated youth came back from the country, he found a lot of people in the street lined up to beat the blood, in order to invigorate the spirit.


I don't know who put forward these theories.


In 1997, Wang Xiaobo passed away. Ke Yunlu, who was stunned by him, began to write a 700,000-character masterpiece, "Discovering the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic". At that time, the craze for qigong subsided, and Hu Wanlin, the "genius doctor" touted by the writer Ke, was born again. In the end, the genius doctor Hu, who had been in jail, put the man to death soon.


Also in 1997, Zhang Wuben was laid off from a textile factory and sold calcium tablets. Li Yi leaned on the glass tank that hid the mechanism and held it under the water for more than 2 hours.


Doctor Hu was beaten down, and Doctor Zhang came again.


The extreme sorrow mentioned by Wang Xiaobo in his letter has not been diluted by time.


There are many reasons for this. For example, several scientists conducted experiments on Zhang Baosheng's "fetching medicine from the air", using self-made transparent cups and pills to prevent him from cheating. Zhang Baosheng refused at first, but after accepting it, he still managed to repackage things. However, the strange thing is that the experiment was not published, and "Superman Zhang Baosheng" sold out first. It was not until 1995 that the experiment was made public.


For example, behind Master Chen and Doctor Zhang, there are marketing teams. These people are pulling resources around, certainly not for the sake of the world. The Chinese people are so innocent. As long as they are shown on TV, they always think it is true.


Logic is also sincere:


Qigong was popular in the 1980s, and successfully studied in the 1990s. It is a new-age health class. It is true that there are masters from generation to generation, and each leads the way for two to three years. Under the attack of the scammers, the people are still suffering.


After eating the losses year after year, I made up the Dali pills first, and then swallowed the longevity pills. I still did not heat up the few dollars in my pocket.


Yue Yunpeng and Sun Yue talked about a traditional cross talk called "Lotus at the Mouth". In order to see Yue Yunpeng spit out lotus flowers, Sun Yue willingly was smashed on his head by him with a fan, smashed again and again.


Every time he was smashed to make his forehead red, Sun Yue also arched his hands:


The theater was suddenly filled with cheerful air.


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