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Time will always erode the past years, making memories gradually mottled. Those stars who have accompanied us, those legends who have influenced football, use the football under their feet to depict a colorful and colorful world.


Knowing the ball is grandly launching the Football Hall of Fame, every Tuesday night at 10 o'clock, wonderful presentation. "I am a coach 3.0" will simultaneously launch Hall of Fame player cards for coaches to recruit!

每个星期二晚上10点,知道这个球都会隆重推出足球名人堂,这真是棒极了。 “我是教练3.0”将同时推出名人堂球员卡,供教练招募!

Zanetti not only has a handsome face that won't wrinkle through the years, but also a firm heart that can't be shaken by the wind. He chose a city to live his life. In 19 years in Inter Milan, he supported it alone when the stars escaped the star's black hole.


Zanetti is an ordinary person in life. Apart from his home and training ground, he has lived in Milan for 19 years. He doesn't even know where the popular bars and fashionable shopping malls are, but when he comes to the stadium, Zanetti is a superman. He is capable of at least 4 positions, has only been red once in 22 years of his career, is extremely self-disciplined, and has few injuries.


Zanetti is more like the watchman of the Meazza Stadium. He is indifferent, loyal, loyal, and persistent. Compared with many superstars, there are always some classic games worth remembering. Zanetti seems to be equally good in every game. It is his preciousness. Zanetti's unique qualities of elegance, gentleman and loyalty have infected countless young people. Although Zanetti's back is getting away after bidding farewell to the green field, his legend in Inter Milan continues...

Zanetti更像是Meazza体育场的守门员。他冷漠,忠诚,忠诚和执着。与许多超级巨星相比,总是有一些经典的游戏值得记住。扎内蒂似乎在每场比赛中都表现出色。这是他的宝贵。 Zanetti独特的优雅,绅士风度和忠诚度感染了无数年轻人。尽管扎内蒂在告别绿色球场后退缩了,但他在国际米兰的传奇仍在继续...

Subsequently, Zanetti joined the Taleres team not far from home, because of outstanding performance, he joined Banfield in 1993. During the two years of playing here, Zanetti was the first to get up and train almost every day, and after returning home, he would not tire of watching his own game videos to find out problems and shortcomings. What is more commendable is that, He will write tomorrow's training plan in the notebook every day, and then execute it item by item.


A note from his family's collection dated March 1, 1994 wrote: "I will also strengthen my header and left foot skills, and I will hit the opponent's goal more times."


Zanetti's love affair with Inter Milan is just like the lyrics of this song: in a lifetime, meeting on a narrow road will not be spared.

扎内蒂(Zanetti)与国际米兰(International Milan)的恋情就像这首歌的歌词一样:一生中,在狭窄的道路上相遇是无法幸免的。

In 1995, 8 years after Moratti entered Inter Milan, the first player signed was Zanetti. At that time, even the father himself thought that the transfer was too plain. But many people still remember that Zanetti was still running tirelessly in Meazza when Moratti sold his beloved Blue-Black Empire.


On the first day in Milan, the Inter Milan Club used an ordinary minibus to haul Zanetti and Carlos, who joined at the same time, to the training ground. At that time, Zanetti was carrying a briefcase, smiling politely, and wearing proper clothes. After many reporters shot and interviewed Carlos, some reporters even asked Inter officials: Who is your other new aid? Only then did Zanetti stand in front of everyone.


At the beginning of joining the team, Zanetti always tried his best on the field, but off the field was not the focus. Many Italian media followed the Argentine for a few months and discovered that he has no hobbies, except for the training ground, which is his home. He has not even been to the big-name clothing stores in Milan, let alone bars and nightclubs.


In the first year of coming to Inter Milan, the team only won 7th place. At that time, Zanetti said in an interview: I believe that if I work hard with a humble attitude, we will eventually succeed. When a reporter asked when the team would win the league championship, Zanetti said firmly: Believe us, there will be one day.


In 1999, Real Madrid issued an invitation to Zanetti. When the two sides were about to reach an verbal agreement, Zanetti, who was once shaken, decided to stay and stay with the Nerazzurri. He recalled this choice when he said: I looked down at my Inter Milan jersey and decided to stay, for the team and for the fans.


In the first ten years of Inter Milan, Zanetti's teammates changed and changed, from Baggio, Vieri, Bergkamp, ​​to Simeone, Ronaldo; Lippi, Cooper and Hodgson, these coaches took turns In battle, the team is still sluggish.

在国际米兰的头十年里,扎内蒂的队友不断变化,从巴乔,维埃里,伯格坎普到西梅内,罗纳尔多; Lippi,Cooper和Hodgson,这些教练轮流参加比赛,球队仍然不景气。

Poor performance, the helplessness of the boss, the anger of the fans, and the cruel reality, Zanetti persevered.


In the 2001 Milan Derby, Inter Milan defeated AC Milan 0-6. After the match, only Zanetti dared to accept media interviews and verbal abuse from fans. He repeated this sentence with red eyes: I'm sorry everyone, but please believe us, we will Cheer up.


In Inter Milan, Zanetti has adapted to different coaches and completely different techniques and tactics. His position is constantly changing, from right back to left back, from center back, midfielder to right forward. As long as he plays, the Argentine will Like a perpetual motion machine, never tirelessly, always fight to the end.


From the perspective of technical characteristics, Zanetti is not only sharp defensively, fierce tackles, and extremely fast, good at long-distance attacks and assists. When a teammate loses position or makes a mistake, he is always the first to make a replacement and make a remedy.


In 2005, Juventus's phone call incident broke out, and the pattern of Serie A changed. The Nerazzurri finally ushered in spring. In addition to being the captain on the field, Zanetti off the field is always the first time to maintain the honor of the club. When Inter Milan dominated Serie A, a reporter asked provocatively: Is it because Juventus and Milan were punished that Inter Milan had a chance? The Argentine's answer is neither overbearing nor overbearing: everything is fair, we have been working hard, we have no stains, we go to fight for each championship, always go all out.

2005年,尤文图斯的电话事件爆发,意甲的格局发生了变化。 Nerazzurri终于迎来了春天。除了作为场上的队长外,扎内蒂(场外)始终是第一次保持俱乐部的荣誉。当国际米兰统治意甲时,记者挑衅地问:国际米兰有机会是因为尤文图斯和米兰受到了惩罚吗?阿根廷人的回答既不霸道也不霸道:一切都公平,我们一直在努力,我们没有污点,我们为每个冠军而战,总是全力以赴。

Many fans say that Zanetti is a robot. During the 19 years of Inter Milan, his head shape has not changed, his appearance has not been aging, and even his physical fitness, 100-meter speed and running distance per game have not declined.


Although Zanetti has been a defender all year round, his style of play is elegant. Even the Italian, who is harsh on defensive players, appreciates him. He never played in the professional league at the age of 18, and it was not until the age of 38 that he won his first red card.


It was in the 2011-2012 season, when Inter Milan was behind Udinese 0-1. In the 85th minute, seeing the opponent want to expand the score, Zanetti tackled in the penalty area and was shown a yellow card, accumulating 2 yellows. Sent off. After Zanetti joined Inter Milan in 1995, for 17 consecutive seasons, 550 consecutive Serie A games without a red card have ended.


On May 22, 2010, Inter defeated Bayern 2-0. Winning the Champions League after a 45-year absence, this is Zanetti's first Champions League trophy in his career. Zanetti, who has always been steady and restrained, cried with joy. This is tears of happiness. And just this season, Inter Milan won the Triple Crown by making history under Mourinho.


On May 11, 2014, in the 37th round of Serie A in the 2013-14 season, Inter Milan defeated Lazio 4-1. Zanetti came off the bench in the 51st minute. After playing 39 minutes, he officially announced his retirement. The main reason for Zanetti's retirement was that he failed to heal after the ruptured Achilles tendon, otherwise he could continue to run in Meazza.

2014年5月11日,在2013-14赛季的意甲联赛第37轮中,国际米兰以4-1击败拉齐奥。萨内蒂在第51分钟替补出场。上场39分钟后,他正式宣布退役。 Zanetti退休的主要原因是他的跟腱断裂后未能治愈,否则他可以继续在Meazza跑步。

At this point, "Junior" Zanetti's Inter career has officially ended. In 19 years, 858 games, 21 goals, 16 laurels, he also participated in 47 Milan derby, 105 Champions League. Behind this magnificent report card are the ten years of perseverance in the dark years, the tears of regret after being easily ravaged by rivals in the same city, and countless indomitable confrontations with injuries.


In addition, Zanetti is not only the foreign player with the most appearances in Serie A (615 games), he also became the oldest foreign player in Serie A at 40 years and 259 days.


It seems that everything is over, everything is a new beginning, Zanetti and the blue-black love relationship is still continuing...


Compared to Inter Milan, from obscurity and conscientious work to the legendary experience of reaching the top. Zanetti's career in the Argentine national team is tragic.



So far, Zanetti is the second most played player in the national team, reaching a staggering 143 games (previous data showed that Zanetti played 145 games, which was later corrected), only less than Mascherano. From 2007 to 2018, Zanetti maintained the record of the first player in Argentina for 11 years.


From November 16, 1994, representing the team's 3-0 away victory over Chile, to officially withdraw from the national team in 2011. Zanetti, wearing a sky blue jersey, has experienced too much sadness.


In the 1998 World Cup in France, Zanetti was flourishing. In the match against England, the Argentine scored a classic free kick that was enough to be recorded in history. As the finisher of this perfect tactic, Zanetti was fixed in the classic shot. Interestingly, Zanetti's goal also saved a Polish prosecutor named Kopatzyn.


Kopatzen was watching the England-Africa match at home at the time. When England was leading 2-1, he originally wanted to go to work, but Zanetti's equalizer kept him seeing the penalty kick. As a result, during the race, his car outside the door exploded. It turned out that criminals had installed a time bomb on his car. Zanetti, who received a thank-you letter afterwards, said it was incredible.


In the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, Argentina, known as the strongest in the universe, was eliminated after the group stage. At this time, the 29-year-old Zanetti was still looking forward to the return of the king in 2006, but at the World Cup in Germany, coach Pekerman used Riquelme, Solin and other yellow potential players, and Zanetti was the leader. Inter Milan players were abandoned. When Argentina was defeated by the German team in a penalty kick, people began to miss that stable captain Zanetti.


In 2010, the Argentine coach Maradona abandoned Zanetti. At that time, no member of the coaching staff even gave a reason. This frustrated Zanetti and caused dissatisfaction among Argentine domestic public opinion. Even Mourinho, the coach of Inter Milan at the time, said bluntly: This is incredible and weird.


Zanetti and his wife Paula were only 19 years old when they met. He was playing for the Talleres youth team. After each training session, he would see a blonde girl on the sidelines. Gradually, Zanetti was attracted, and then fell deeply into it. This girl is Paula, she is the younger sister of Zanetti's teammate, she was only 14 years old at the time and was a player on the Talleres basketball team.


Since then, Zanetti will silently watch Paula whenever he has time on the side of the training court of the Talleres basketball women's team. Soon Zanetti wanted to call the other party. After the two met, they fell in love at first sight, and the seeds of love quickly took root. Paula's father is the owner of a local business. At first he did not agree that his daughter should be a boyfriend at such a young age, but after seeing the humble, diligent and practical Zanetti, he agreed.


When Zanetti joined Inter Milan, Paula was still studying in Argentina. In 1997, she came to Italy and the two started their sweet lives. Every time he competes in Meazza, Paula will take a camera to take pictures of her husband's heroic posture, and then sweetly treasure it.

扎内蒂(Zanetti)加入国际米兰时,宝拉(Paula)仍在阿根廷学习。 1997年,她来到意大利,两人开始了甜蜜的生活。每次参加Meazza比赛时,Paula都会用相机拍摄丈夫的英勇姿势,然后将其珍藏起来。

Zanetti also opened a rotisserie in Milan with his wife and often invited his teammates to dinner. There are often fanatical female fans expressing love to Zanetti, for which Paula just responded with a polite smile. It is trust that makes the relationship between the two people unabated. Paula once revealed that since coming to Italy, the two have hardly quarreled.


Lace News has never had a chance with Zanetti. The player who was once called the most boring player by Gazzetta dello Sport is an extinct good man. As early as 2001, Zanetti and his wife founded the PUPI Foundation, aiming to provide help to poor and handicapped children in Argentina. Every year, big names are invited to participate in charity competitions. Except for work, Zanetti devotes all his time to the family, as long as time permits, he will accompany his wife and children.

《花边新闻》从未与Zanetti合作。曾被Gazzetta dello Sport称为最无聊的球员是一个绝种的好人。早在2001年,Zanetti和他的妻子就成立了PUPI基金会,旨在为阿根廷的贫困儿童提供帮助。每年都会邀请知名人士参加慈善比赛。除工作外,Zanetti将所有时间都投入到家庭中,只要时间允许,他就会陪伴妻子和孩子。

When playing for Inter Milan, Zanetti once said: The blue and black flag is like my blood, even if God gives me another chance to choose again, I will still come to the team of my life-Inter Milan. After spending 19 years here, Zanetti's No. 4 jersey was permanently sealed.


For Inter Milan, Zanetti is not just the captain and a retired player, sometimes he is more like a symbol of the team. So after retiring, Zanetti directly served as the vice chairman of the club.


No one is born to be a winner. Those teammates and colleagues who used to be Zanetti revealed that in his life, he has always been so active and hardworking, and he has never let up.


After the Suning Group took over, Inter Milan is slowly recovering, and the "teenager" Zanetti is still working hard.


【Career resume】


1992-1993 Talleres: 1 goal in 33 games


1993-1995 Banfield: 4 goals in 66 games


1995-2014 Inter Milan: 21 goals in 858 games


【Honor Book】


World Club Cup Championship: 2010


European Champions Cup: 2009-2010


UEFA Cup Championship: 1997-1998


Serie A champions: 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010


Coppa Italia champion: 2005-2006, 2009-2010, 2010-2011


Italian Super Cup champion: 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010


Note: All the stars selected into the Hall of Fame are retired players, and the star card number does not represent the ranking


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