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亚搏娱乐入口_观点:皮尔洛当不了尤文的齐达内 他不光缺一个巅峰的C罗
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亚搏娱乐入口_观点:皮尔洛当不了尤文的齐达内 他不光缺一个巅峰的C罗

Sports Weekly Reporter Liang Ximing

体育周刊记者 梁希明

For the fans who have been coaxed into "Pirlo's Beautiful Football", this is of course an unexpected disappointment. Oh, what about the good masters? Why is it no different from Allegri and Sarri?


For Pirlo, a raw eggplant in the coaching circle, there is no better internship opportunity than this. This is something he could not dream of writing a paper in class.


Penalties, red cards, offside scoring goals, new crowns, rotations, shortages... Picking out one of them alone is enough to kill a rookie coach. Now they are concentrated in one game. As a player, Pirlo has certainly experienced all kinds of ups and downs in strange games, but as a coach, this experience is his first and only his third game.


A mature marshal is about to face a devil's cycle, about to face the first Champions League of the season, how to deal with it? Real Madrid and Barcelona have set a role model for rookies. In such a game, rotation must be mandatory, even at the cost of losing. In contrast, Pirlo has a good chance of winning just because his body hair is blown off by one person less.


In past games like this, there were super strikers. Whether it was Carlos Tevez, Higuain or Ronaldo, the whole team began to "give up" after the superstar got one. Although it was very embarrassing and ugly, it was Juventus and many others. The way the Champions League team has always been.


But Pirlo's first problem: Cristiano Ronaldo got the new crown. The last match against Rome was equalized by Cristiano Ronaldo's personal power. There is no superstar in this game. Not only is there no superstar, Dybala gastroenteritis, Ramsey’s national team is injured, McKenney’s new crown, Khedira cannot be used, Quadrado and Rabio have just returned from the national team, and their physical strength must be reserved for the Champions League. Kiev, so absolutely can not start, Chiellini has knee problems in the national team, for Kiev must have to rest. Pirlo's lineup must first eliminate six or seven members, so that he has to draw from U23.

但是皮尔洛的第一个问题是:克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)获得了新桂冠。最后一场与罗马的比赛被克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多的个人力量所抵消。此游戏中亚搏全网没有超级巨星。不仅没有超级巨星,迪巴拉胃肠炎,拉姆齐国家队受伤,麦肯尼的新王冠,赫迪拉无法使用,Quadrado和拉比奥刚刚从国家队回来,而且他们的体力必须留给欧冠。基辅,所以绝对不能下手,基耶利尼在国家队有膝盖问题,因为基辅必须要休息。皮尔洛(Pirlo)的阵容必须首先淘汰6或7名成员,这样他就必须从U23中抽签。

What's more, after the national team members returned to the team, he only had one day and only one chance to practice亚搏全网 together, and his opponent Crotone prepared for this for two weeks. The penalty kick was the first accident. When Bonucci brought down the opponent, the referee did not immediately blow the point, but waited for Crotone to continue attacking and finish the shot before blowing, so Crotone took advantage of both ends. Get the "offensive advantage", and then after the attack is over, you can get an extra penalty.


The red card is the second accident. The life and death battle between Italy and Uruguay in the 2014 World Cup was very balanced. Marchisio made a completely normal steal and stepped on the ball. He was suddenly turned into a red, and the situation turned sharply, like Chiesa's kick. Chiesa was already unable to "stop halfway" when he was out. At the last moment, he even reduced his strength and received the action, but the red card still showed up.

红牌是第二次事故。 2014年世界杯足球赛中,意大利和乌拉圭之间的生死战非常平衡。马尔基西奥(Marchisio)完全正常地断球,然后脚踩球。他突然变成了红色,情况像基耶萨的踢一样急剧转变。基耶萨外出时已经无法“中途停止”。在最后一刻,他甚至降低了体力并接受了动作,但是红牌仍然出现。

When the player is doing the action, whether this kick is malicious, whether it is just running the ball, and whether it is possible to eat the card, it is completely clear to the heart, but Marchisio and Chiesa both underestimated the referee. Normal actions will rewrite the situation at once.


Body hair offside is the third accident. The player has already passed the excitement with a celebration, and then the little black house notified that a piece of leather on the heel of Morata sneakers, after stepping on the line, blow!


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Any accident is enough to rewrite the result, and it is enough to make a coach and old fritters feel "it's too late". What's more, three emergencies are concentrated in one, so that Pirlo can taste enough?


It is not difficult to imagine how performance-oriented and passionate coaches such as Mourinho and Conte will be "out of anger". The way they explode is when the media is having fun. But Pirlo, like his always awake expression when playing football, has an indifferent face.


There are two types of coaches. Most coaches, even if they are not as exaggerated as Mourinho and Conte, will try their best to participate in the game. When Leonardo and Allegri are coaching, they often roar with a hoarse voice. Gerry left a classic scene of fury.


However, there are some coaches like Xie An, who did not change their appearance before Taishan collapsed. Some of these people are forced to pretend, such as Beckenbauer, who always acted as "satisfaction and calmness" when he led the German team. However, the personal doctor who knew him well still advised him to suppress his emotions without revealing it, which is not good for his health, and I am afraid you will lose many years of life.


It doesn't matter whether Pirlo was born or forced.


And the team that Pirlo took over has just changed blood, and the staff has to be filled by U23. And the biggest difference between Pirlo and Zidane is that no matter how strong Ronaldo is, he must also admit that he has passed the peak of those three years. But Pirlo should have realized earlier than Zidane: the circles in the thesis were drawn for the certificate. Crotone is the most real football.


No one commented, but quiet


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