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Hello everyone, and welcome to the morning news on September 30.


In the Premier League Cup focus game that ended early this morning, Tottenham beat Chelsea 6-5 on a penalty kick to advance to the quarterfinals of the League Cup. Werner scored the Blues' first goal, and Lamela equalized. In the game, Tottenham player Dale had a funny incident of "smearing" leaving the field for a while, and even asked Mourinho to go to the toilet to urge him to return to the stadium. Fortunately, in the penalty shoot-out, Dell took the lead in hitting a hit, fulfilling his mission and achieving a good story.


Liverpool officially announced that Thiago tested positive for the new crown and he will self-isolate under the guidance of the club. Tiago's old club Bayern also sent blessings to him.


Manchester City officially announced the joining of Portugal international defender Ruben Dias, and Sky Sports said that the official offer of 100 million Euros from Manchester United was rejected by Sancho.


Searle Radio released the video evidence that Neymar was suspected of insulting China. The video evidence showed that Neymar did use the insulting term "Chinese shit" against Sakai Hiroki.

塞尔广播电台发布了录像资料,证明内马尔被怀疑侮辱中国。视频证据表明,内马尔确实对Sakai Hiroki使用了侮辱性的“中国屎”一词。

Domestically, the National Football Team announced the new rosters for the training camp, with Jiang Guangtai and Fernando shortlisted.


Please see the detailed report below.


At 2:45 on September 30, Beijing time, in the 1/8 final of the English League Cup, Tottenham played against Chelsea. In the first half, Mount tried to miss a long shot, Werner shot from the penalty area line to break the deadlock, Mendy blocked Lamela's shot. In the second half, Mendy saved Reggie's volley, Tottenham replaced Kane to strengthen the offensive, Odoi's shot was high, Lamela equalized the score, 90 minutes of the game ended, Chelsea 1-1 Tottenham, both sides entered Penalty shootout. In the penalty shootout, Mount missed a penalty and Tottenham advanced 6-5.


In the early morning of September 30, Beijing time, Liverpool officials confirmed that Thiago tested positive for the new crown and is currently self-isolating according to the instructions.


In the early morning of September 30, Beijing time, Manchester City officially announced that Ruben Dias officially joined the team and signed until 2026.

北京时间9月30日凌晨,曼城正式宣布鲁本·迪亚斯(Ruben Dias)正式加入该团队并签署至2026年。

In the early morning of the 30th, Searle Radio released video information about Neymar's alleged insult to China. The video evidence showed that Neymar used the words insulting China when he insulted Hiroki Sakai.


According to Sky Sports reports, Manchester United has officially quoted Sancho with a total transfer fee of up to 100 million euros, but this offer has been rejected by Dortmund.


According to British media statistics, after signing Dias from Benfica for a price of 65.2 million pounds, Manchester City has invested 408 million pounds in the introduction of defenders since Guardiola took office.


In Tottenham’s penalty shootout victory over Chelsea in the early hours of the 30th, Tottenham defender Dale once left the game due to “sparseness”. Then Mourinho hurriedly urged him to return to the stadium, which triggered a comical scene. After the game, Dell posted pictures of the bathroom on his social media and awarded the best trophy of the game to the toilet.


UEFA officially announced that the legendary player of Ivory Coast Drogba won the 2020 UEFA Presidential Award.


On September 29th, Beijing time, in preparation for the preliminaries of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Asian Qualifiers (Forty Finals), the Chinese National Men's Football Team will go to Shanghai for training from October 4th to 9th, 2020. China's national men's football team announced the new training list, Jiang Guangtai and Fernando are on the list.


On September 29, Beijing time, the Chinese Football Association announced the new list of selected national football teams. The "Oriental Sports Daily" believes that Li Tie's selection is puzzling.

北京时间9月29日,中国足球协会公布了新的入选国家足球队名单。 《东方体育日报》认为,李铁的选择令人费解。

On September 28, Beijing time, the 14th round of the first stage of the 2020 Chinese Super League continued. Wuhan Zall played against Tianjin TEDA at the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center. In the end, the two sides drew 0-0. After the game, the "Tianjin Daily" stated that the head coach Wang Baoshan had already said nothing at the press conference.


On September 29, Beijing time, the Chinese Football Association officially announced the new training list for the national team. The naturalized players Jiang Guangtai and Fernando were selected for the first time, while another high-profile naturalized player Alan missed the list. In this regard, the media person Ma Dexing said that this is because there is a limit to the number of naturalized players selected for the National Football Team each period.


In an exclusive interview with "Daily Sports", Messi called on Barcelona fans to unite and said that his summer's departure from the team is a thing of the past, and he will fight for Barcelona this season.


In the League Cup quarter-finals with Chelsea, Tottenham defender Dell once left the stadium and entered the dressing room. He talked about this in an interview after the game. He said Mourinho was not happy with his behavior, but instinctively. The reaction came, and there was nothing he could do.


Messi had bid farewell to Suarez on social media, and criticized the club management should not let Suarez leave in this way, but this has been questioned by some people. And Paredes defended Messi on social media.


On September 28, Beijing time, when Xu Yunlong, the former Beijing Guoan captain, was a guest on the "Football 100 Points" program, he talked about the current Chinese Super League refereeing problem. He said that the referee was opening his eyes.


The Hebei Huaxia Xingfu team ended all the games of the first stage of the Super League this season, and the players also ushered in a long-lost holiday.


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