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亚搏全网-纳德再次联手统治法网 90后完成接班还要多久?
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亚搏全网-纳德再次联手统治法网 90后完成接班还要多久?

News from October 11, Beijing time, the 2020 French Open has come to an end. In the end, Nadal defeated Djokovic 6-0/6-2/7-5 and won the 13th French Open title. Tie Federer's 20 Grand Slam records. In fact, regardless of the outcome of this final, the tone of this year's French Open has been set after the semi-finals, that is, this is still a Grand Slam under the rule of a giant.

来自北京时间10月11日的消息,2020年法亚搏娱乐入口国公开赛已经结束。最终,纳达尔以6-0 / 6-2 / 7-5击败了德约科维奇,并获得了第13个法网冠军。领带费德勒的20大满贯纪录。实际上,不管本次决赛的结果如何,今年的法国公开赛的口气都是在半决赛之后确定的,也就是说,这仍然是大满贯统治下的大满贯赛事。

Throughout the way that Nadal and Djokovic were promoted at the French Open this year, the first four rounds were like cutting melons and vegetables, and the two even rushed to play "Who gives more eggs," The game of "Who loses the least game" started from the quarterfinals. Although the situation has changed slightly, the result is the same. In the quarter-f亚搏娱乐入口inals against Busta, Djokovic lost a set due to physical conditions, but then he quickly adjusted and dominated the game in the next three sets.

在纳达尔和德约科维奇今年在法国公开赛中晋升的整个过程中,前四轮比赛就像切瓜子和蔬菜一样,两轮比赛甚至冲向了“谁输了更多鸡蛋”的游戏,“谁输了最少的游戏” ”从八强开始。尽管情况略有变化,但结果是相同的。在对阵布斯塔的四分之一决赛中,德约科维奇由于身体状况而输掉了比赛,但随后他迅速调整并在接下来的三盘比赛中独占minated头。

In the semi-finals against Sisipas, Djokovic took a 2-0 lead and won the match point in the third set of serve. Then Sisipas started to show his strength and managed to win two sets magically. In the deciding set, Djokovic still relied on the advantages of experience and physical strength to win by a large score. You may want to say that if Sisipas did not get injured in the final set, the result may be very different, but how to allocate physical fitness in a five-set three-win match is originally a big knowledge. From this point of view , Sisipas still needs to learn a lot from Djokovic.


And being able to grab two sets from Djokovic, Sisipas is亚搏全网 already the best one of the post-90s and post-00s. Schwarzman, who was highly expected before the game, was just defeated in Rome three weeks ago. With Nadal, this time he defeated the new United States Open champion Tim at the eight-point four, but he was immediately beaten back to his original form when facing Nadal, which was also unsuccessful. In addition, Nadal's defeat this time will also include the two post-00s Shinner and Keda. Although they created the best record in a personal Grand Slam, their overall performance against Nadal was also disappointing.


As for the other outstanding post-90s, such as Tim, Zverev, Medvedev and Be亚搏全网retini, they did not even get the opportunity to play against Djokovic and Nadal. Of course, Tim and Zvi Lev has just played in the perfect net finals, and may not have fully recovered亚搏全网, but you must not forget that before 2015, the French Open and Wimbledon were also two weeks apart, and the "big three" Federer, Nadal and Germany Jokovic has the experience of reaching the finals and even winning back to back.


At the US Open last month, Tim finally won a post-90s duel, and won the first Grand Slam title for the post-90s. It was misunderstood that the post-90s will finally begin to bloom in the Grand Slam. However, only one month has passed, and the cruel reality has given them a blow, and it has become more and more thought that this year’s U.S. Open is indeed an accident. If Federer and Nadal competed, Djokovic was not accidentally sentenced. It’s hard to believe that Tim or Zverev’s performance at the US Open will make it to the end, and the suspenseful and lackluster game between the two of them is considered by fans to be the most ugly game in recent years. Lead the men's singles final.


   So judging from the current French Open, the giants still won't be able to end the curtain easily, and the post-90s and post-00s want to personally grab the Grand Slam from the Big Three, I am afraid it is still a long way to go. (Ethan)

因此,从目前的法国公开赛来看,巨人仍然无法轻易结束帷幕,而90后和00后的人想亲自从三巨头手中夺取大满贯,恐怕仍然是还有很长的路要走。 (伊桑)

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